Hello! ✨ Here we are in Wizarding Wednesdays session.

I want you guys to know that I’m a Potterhead! It means I like everything about Harry Potter. Some of you who liked Harry Potter things must known this site (Pottermore) if you don’t, just visit  after you read this article. 

There are many things you can read in there. You can be a wizard too! Going to Diagon Alley (just kidding, you just need to answers some questions to get the right one) and get your first ever wand. And I’ve got my wand! The main core is from Phoenix feather, just like Voldemort and Harry. 

After that, you are one of Hogwarts students and you must be shorted to one of four houses that hogwarts has. I am a Ravenclaw btw haha.. Maybe my brain is a Ravenclaw, but my soul is still want to be a Slytherin. Because some factors haha.

And the new test is for your Patronus. Yes. Patronus that will protect you from Dementors. 

It’s not has to be beautiful, but it has to be protect you. -Harry Potter

And I’ve got the cutest Patronus haha! Here it issss

So fun to entering JK Rowling’s world. She’s amazing. I can’t even imagine how can she has an amazing imagination to has a story like Harry Potter. Unbelievable. Thank you very much! That’s all I can say for you. 😊