Hellooo! I’m back..

A couple of photos is about my best day in 2016. Just a single day. Can you guys guess it? Exactly, my birthday. And it’s about where did I celebrate my birthday. Yea.. at Pizza Hut!

Why did I celebrate it at Pizza Hut? 

I just invited my closest friends, and most of them wanted me to celebrate it at Pizza Hut, because they wanna eat pizza. I just wanna make them happy, so why not? 

I know, it’s not really important for you, but it’s really important for me. I got my driving license for the first time ever, many other things I can do start at this age, and yet still a teenage girl. And I feel I’m a different version when I start at this age, getting older and older every day, but I’ll try my best to reach my dreams from now on. 😊

Anyway here’s another photos:

Last but not least, Happy New Year to every single one of you! Have a great day and have an amazing year at 2017 🎉🎆 Good Luck!