Sunshine is out! But actually it’s always out. I spent this summer in where-I-rised island. Lombok. We actually have 6 months of Summer. They said it’s a beautiful island. They said it has the kindest people (well not just in Lombok but all Indonesian). They said the food has wonderful taste, but a bit spicy. And many other things!

This summer, I visited so many beaches in Lombok and believe me, I already visited all of them before including Kuta Beach Lombok. If some of you really want to visit Kuta while you’re planning to go for holidays in Lombok you must know this thing. Kuta Lombok is still under construction to create a mini park or trails around the coast and it makes the place around the construction is a bit dusty but you can still enjoy the beautiful view. Maybe it’ll be finished around 2018.

So have a Great Summer to all of you! I hope your summer break is as great as mine on this year. Next time you guys should try to visit where-I-rised island, Lombok, and try some traditional cuisine! It won’t disappointing you.