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Summer ’17 – Kuta Beach Lombok, Indonesia

Sunshine is out! But actually it’s always out. I spent this summer in where-I-rised island. Lombok. We actually have 6 months of Summer. They said it’s a beautiful island. They said it has the kindest people (well not just in Lombok but all Indonesian). They said the food has wonderful taste, but a bit spicy. And many other things!

This summer, I visited so many beaches in Lombok and believe me, I already visited all of them before including Kuta Beach Lombok. If some of you really want to visit Kuta while you’re planning to go for holidays in Lombok you must know this thing. Kuta Lombok is still under construction to create a mini park or trails around the coast and it makes the place around the construction is a bit dusty but you can still enjoy the beautiful view. Maybe it’ll be finished around 2018.

So have a Great Summer to all of you! I hope your summer break is as great as mine on this year. Next time you guys should try to visit where-I-rised island, Lombok, and try some traditional cuisine! It won’t disappointing you.


My Favourite Place 

My favourite place is always inside the airplane and beside the window. Because I can see earth in a different perspective. Well that’s why my dream job has always been a pilot. 

Old Photo

This is not that old, but this photo is the reason why I love photography. It has not such a perfect shot or perfect scenery, but I love the way I take it on the way home with my family.

It was a long journey from my father friend’s house, I was so boring in the car if I just sit and listening music, so I started to staring at the beach with so many coconut trees. I took my camera from my pocket, and taking some pictures from inside the car.

I deleted so many pictures that I take in that time, and I shared the best one (this picture). My friends loved it, and so am I. So is it true that “Every picture tells a story.” I kinda love photography since then, because we all have a different perspective to see something beautiful and I have a long story to just have one picture.

Ps: This photo was taken at 2014

Born to be Perfect 

Nobody’s perfect, but it depends on your definition of perfect itself.

By the way, I like to wear t-shirt if it has a quote on it. Looks amazing!

Vintage Store

This is a shelf full of vintage thing on the vintage store in my hometown. I’m in love with vintage things at the moment. 

Mini Plants

I’ve been looking some mini plants for my desk but I haven’t find it yet. So I take this photo in case I want to buy it later.  

Sharpie Marker

This is not endorsement post but I just want to tell you, every time I went to the Stationery Shop I always walk to this place and stand in front of them then tried to pick which colour that I haven’t bought before. 

They had the strong colours and also permanent. So it’s amazing for someone like me who loved lettering or drawing. It also can write everything in everywhere, except water. And sand.

Toshiro – Fujifilm X-A2

Yippee!!! I have the brand new mirrorless camera. I named it Toshiro. I gave it name because I know that it will be my best buddy when I traveling to another place. We gonna be best friends when it’s happen!

Why I choose this camera depends on others? It’s because I loved taking pictures more depends on taking videos and this camera is the best choice for that. Also, the budget is good for my pocket because other choice that I have is Canon M5 and Sony A6000. The only thing that makes this camera isn’t perfect is this camera isn’t a touchscreen.

Ichiban Sushi

I spent a lot of time to refreshing just for a day, and when I’m hungry I decided to go to a restaurant, its name is Ichiban Sushi. I went there, alone. Yeah, I’m okay. You know what I mean.

They serve the green thing on a tiny bowl, I knew it is wasabi. I ever taste that once. The Japanese chilli. I put so much of them on my sushi, because I love spicy food, I thought the taste wasn’t that bad if I put so much wasabi. And I’m wrong. In that moment, I didn’t want to taste wasabi ever again. What a day!

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