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   Seperti judulnya, hello!!

     Namaku Maya, sebelumnya terima kasih sudah meluangkan waktu kalian untuk berkunjung ke sini. Senang sekali rasanya mempunyai pengunjung blog seperti kalian. Mudah-mudahan kalian mendapatkan manfaat dan juga senang setelah kalian berkunjung kemari.

     Aku di sini ingin memperkenalkan blog terbaru aku. Rencananya blog ini akan aku isi dengan berbagai cerita serta kegiatan yang aku lewati. Pengalaman menyenangkan dan tak terduga akan aku ceritakan pula jika ada kesematan untuk menulis dan mempublikasikannya di sini. Jika kalian penasaran apa saja isi blog ini, kalian bisa langsung mencarinya di kolom Categories.

     Akhir kata, jika kalian telah membaca artikel dari blog ini dimohon untuk meninggalkan jejak seperti like, comment, atau follow blog ini. Sekali lagi, terima kasih. 🙂

Featured post

Architecture Lovers

Maybe for me, architecture is the thing that interest me in taking pictures, after nature for sure.

365/365 Of 2017

Everything just start with a decision to go to the capital city. I’ll try my best for everything I have and everything that I can achieve in my future.

This year was crazy! I can’t even imagine the struggle and sacrifice that I do to reach my dream. And one by one just come true in unexpected ways. Just don’t stop believing! Ooh I’m going to miss this year.. Happy New Year, everyone! I’m excited for 2018!

In The Train

In the beginning of December, I explored some cities near Jakarta with my brother by train. This picture was taken in the train from Bogor to Jakarta (on the way home)

A Couple Days Off

I hope I can write a quick story for you guys about my journey in my capital city, Jakarta immediately. I have a couple days off for this week and another week ahead. I hope I can publish it soon!

By the way, this photo was taken from my college building, hope you enjoy it!

Istiqlal Mosque 

First journey to Jakarta without my parents, and the first place I would visit is this beautiful place.

I want to write my journey when I visited this place. Maybe in a couple of weeks from now. X


Probably the nearest island that I should visit from my hometown is Bali. But sometimes I just didn’t care about the plan to go there. That was a picture that I captured few years ago from above. Landed just for transit and it was explained that I just visited Bali about 3 hours and it was so long ago.

I really want to go to Bali again for holidays, but maybe in another time.

Goodbye, Holidays!

Say hello first to August! But it means to say goodbye to my summer holidays. ‘Cause I’m going to the college earlier! 🌤 🌖

Coconut Trees

Found so many of these kinda trees in my summer holidays. Can’t get over from my lens because it’s quite good to be the object to capture.

Summer ’17 – Kuta Beach Lombok, Indonesia

Sunshine is out! But actually it’s always out. I spent this summer in where-I-rised island. Lombok. We actually have 6 months of Summer. They said it’s a beautiful island. They said it has the kindest people (well not just in Lombok but all Indonesian). They said the food has wonderful taste, but a bit spicy. And many other things!

This summer, I visited so many beaches in Lombok and believe me, I already visited all of them before including Kuta Beach Lombok. If some of you really want to visit Kuta while you’re planning to go for holidays in Lombok you must know this thing. Kuta Lombok is still under construction to create a mini park or trails around the coast and it makes the place around the construction is a bit dusty but you can still enjoy the beautiful view. Maybe it’ll be finished around 2018.

So have a Great Summer to all of you! I hope your summer break is as great as mine on this year. Next time you guys should try to visit where-I-rised island, Lombok, and try some traditional cuisine! It won’t disappointing you.

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